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Givi - B42N - Antartica - Black - Top Box

Rs. 12,699
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Antarctica Top Case - Givi

GIVI Malaysia has unveiled its latest generation top case in the form of the GIVI B42N Antarctica top case. The monolock top box features the latest design and features embedded with its iconic Italian brand DNA.

Hailed as their best polymer case produced to date, the GIVI B42N Antartica features a new polygon exterior shapes as well as a much stronger structure. Through years of research and development, the Antartica is further amplified with reflective prismatic elements on each front corner to ensure that the motorcycle with this top box is clearly visible to other road users.

Size - 42 Lts

A pillion backrest can be added as an option. Select 'yes' in the dropdown. 

Brand - Givi, Italy

Country of Origin - Malaysia

Part No. - B42N

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