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Zana Top Rack And Back Rest for RE Interceptor 650 & Continental GT 650

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Product Description

Zana Top Rack with Backrest for RE Continental GT 650 & Interceptor 650

Please get in touch with us with regards to the delivery timelines for Chrome Top Racks before ordering.

  • Lightweight 100% aluminium tray to mount the top box (NEW PLATE DESIGN). Laser cut for precision and aesthetics
  • Aluminum tray is available in matt black finish
  • Size of the aluminium tray approx. 225mm x 235mm. Thickness 5 mm for full strength
  • Proper weight distribution and mounting using 5mm under seat plate
  • Cold Rolled Powder Coated Steel Tubes used for manufacturing.
  • Precision Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding) for uniform finish and strength.
  • All nuts and bolts of Stainless Steel (100% Rust free) included as standard
  • Industrial grade polymer Spacers included to act as vibration dampeners
  • 6 Months Paint/Powder Coating warranty (not against accidental)
  • Proper shade matching with the bike chassis.
  • Compatible with mostly all brands of top boxes ranging from 15l to 40l
  • Loading Capacity 10-12 Kgs on smooth tarmac riding. For rough road use it is advisable to reduce vehicle speed or weight carried in the top box

Brand - Zana International, India

Part No. -

  • Chrome - ZI--9896 
  • Black - ZI--9897
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