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The ViaTerra Augusta Women's Denims are here to rewrite the script for stylish female riders. This ain't just another pair of jeans, it's your gateway to conquering the road in confident protection and effortless style.

Picture this:

  • Street-smart style, street-smarter protection: The Augusta Denims offer safety without sacrificing an ounce of comfort or coolness. These jeans hug your curves like a second skin, letting you move with freedom and confidence.
  • Invisible armour with same CE level 2 protection: Don't let the casual look fool you. These denims are built with discreet, low profile SasTec CE Level 2 armour with wide coverage so you stay safe during the daily commutes or when riding as a pillion.
  • Built for the grind: The material used in the ViaTerra Augusta Denims is a carefully crafted blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex, offering a combination of breathability, strength, and comfort that sets these pants apart.
  • 2 levels of armour adjustment for optimal fit: Whether you prefer a higher placement for maximum coverage or a lower position for increased freedom of movement, the adjustable levels cater to your specific requirements.
  • Timeless 5 pocket design with YKK zips: You'll find the traditional front pockets, rear pockets, and a coin pocket just like your regular jeans. This familiar layout allows you to carry your everyday essentials such as keys, wallet, and small accessories without any hassle. The Augusta also uses original YKK zippers for durable operation over the lifetime of the garment.

Don’t compromise on your safety: These jeans aren't just a purchase, make them your go to protection when on the road as a pillion or for everyday bike commutes!

What's included?

  • 1 pair Augusta daily riding jeans for women
  • SAS-TEC TYPE A - Knee Level 2 armour set certified to CE EN 1621-1 : 2012
  • SAS-TEC TYPE B - Hip Level 2 armour set certified to CE EN 1621-1 : 2012

Note : Please note that the armour must be used with the yellow elements facing the body. If the armour is folded or bent or used with the yellow elements facing away from the body, the armour might get damaged. This is not covered under warranty.

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