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Suska Core WP Solace Socks Black & Grey

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Presenting the all new Suska Core 100% waterproof socks. Built to be usable all day, everyday.
When it’s cold outside, the windproof waterproof socks insulate your feet. When it’s warm outside, it transports sweat and heat away from the skin for rapid evaporation. A knee-high aka over the calf design offers extra protection on your calf, especially ideal for snow and water sports.

Material Specifications –
  • 3-Layer RS Tech construction
  • Outer Layer (Hydrophilic layer) 61% Nylon, 32% Polyester, 7% Elastane. Durable, Flexible.
  • Middle Layer (Waterproof membrane) 100% Waterproof and Breathable Membrane. Waterproofness rating – 22000mm+
  • Inner Layer(CoolMax+Polyester) 66% Coolmax, 30% Polyester, 4% Elastane. Moisture Wicking, Anti-Odor, Breathability rating – 26000+1g/sqm/24hr.
Why CoolMax fabric?

Our Suska Core WP socks use Invista CoolMax fabric. Yes, it’s the same name you hear with high-end helmet liners.
High-performance moisture-wicking fabric utilizes a unique 4-channel fiber tech that increases space between filaments, thereby maximizing breathability and evaporation.
This fiber also inherently encourages the passage of moisture & heat away from the skin to the surface of the socks for rapid evaporation, which prevents blisters and chafing.

Comfort and fit –
  • 4-way stretch, compression fit
  • Decent thickness providing shock absorption and long-lasting comfort.
Care and more –
  • Waterproof socks are waterproof from the toe to just below the cuff of the sock. Do not submerge them in water completely.
  • Always wear waterproof socks inside your footwear. Do not puncture the membrane.
  • Don’t hang in direct sun for several weeks, or socks may lose their elasticity.
  • Regularly inspect the inside of your footwear for stones, thorns and other sharp objects that could damage the waterproof membrane.
Washing instructions –
  • Hand wash using water that is under 40 degree Celsius
  • Take some lukewarm water in a mug or bowl. Add a little gentle dish soap or delicate hand wash detergent and have a piece of cloth ready.
  • Dip the cloth in soapy water and wipe the outsides of your socks and remove any dirt.
  • Turn your socks inside out and submerge them in the water. Let them soak for 5-10 minutes, then use your hands to gently rub the insides of the socks.
  • Keeping your socks inside out, run them under lukewarm water to rinse off the soap.
  • Let them dry naturally inside and then out, avoid drying on a direct heat source to prevent damaging the waterproof membrane. We recommend laying them out flat instead of hang drying.
  • Have more questions? Reach out to us
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