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Solace Rival Urban Gloves (Black)

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The Rival CE gloves are a proof that lightweight, comfortable and inexpensive summer gloves are still there – and still the perfect amount of protection for bombing around on your bike for the daily commute.

The whole glove is CE approved to standard EN 13594:2015.

The Rival gloves pass following tests –

  • Impact resistance: Residual force below 9 kN (kiloNewtons)
  • Abrasion resistance: Slide time ≥ 4 seconds.
  • Cut resistance on palm: ≥2N (Newtons)
  • Seam strength: Main seams ≥6kN per millimetre.
  • Tear strength: on palm ≥ 25N and back hand ≥ 18N (Newtons)

Impact safety 

  • Scaphoid Bone protection: KNOX® Sport SPS (Scaphoid Protection System) Part #301

Scaphoid injury is the most common hand injury caused by the grab effect when the palm of the hand makes contact with the ground.

The Knox SPS works by attaching 2 parts to the palm of the glove, making a bridge over the scaphoid. These plastic parts act as a slider eliminating the grab effect and scaphoid injuries. This has proven to be a very effective system for riders with no loss of flexibility, discomfort or interference with the controls when operating the bike.

  • Knuckle protection: Impact-On® HERATROM knuckle protectors (South Korea) with foam backing Part #VIK-001 to absorb impact.
  • TPR hard-protectors for index and middle finger
  • Foam finger-inserts for ring, pinky finger and thumb
  • Leather on tips of fingers

Abrasion safety 

  • Durable multi-panel main shell incorporating full-grain leather and 3D mesh
  • KNOX® palm sliders

Fit and comfort 

  • Adjustable hook and loop closure.
  • Touch sensitive index finger-tip and thumb.
  • Palm-grip printing.
  • Sturdy mesh panels on back of hand and fingers.
  • Accordion stretch panels for flexibility.

More features –

  • Reflective inserts on finger joints for added visibility
  • Ergonomic stretch panels between finger joints
  • Meets CE EN 13594: 2015 certification for protective riding gear

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