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Shima STX Full Gauntlet Gloves - Black

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SHIMA STX – Expect More For Less


The STX features a clean design with effective protective foam panels on the fingers and thumb, and the wrist area. The palm panel made out of the Poron®XRD™ shock-absorbent material. Additionally, the side of the glove is reinforced with a single-piece protective layer extending from the tip of the little finger, all the way down through the cuff. The glove’s design provides a superior grip and the A+ grade leather ensures a comfortable and stylish fit.

A New Kind Of Sports Touring

The SHIMA STX is designed for sports touring firrst and foremost. The design places special emphasis on maximum safety without compromising comfort.

On And Off The Track

STX features a classic line, looking just as great with a one-piece suit, as with a leather or cloth jacket. Comfortable both on the track and on the street, the glove’s pre-curved fingers along with the GRIP PATH system ensure an optimal grip. Additionally, the ventilated panels provide a solid airflow, keeping your hands cool.

More Than You Expect

The STX is made of the highest quality leather. Your safety is ensured by a full set of protectors – from the stiff knuckle protectors reinforced with a Poron XRD absorber, through the fingers lined with their soft, comfortable absorbers, all the way to the smaller protective features along the wrist area. The side of the glove features a special, single piece reinforcing panel, stretching from the tip of the little finger to the end of the cuff. This ensures superior protection against wear, as well as a great degree of comfort.
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