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SHIMA Openair Mesh Jacket - Brown

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The OpenAIR jacket will be perfect for users who ride in high temperatures. All its features are focused towards comfort. The lightweight mesh fabric combined with certified hi-flow protectors is designed to hold the body well under impact, while providing good ventilation. The special shape of the protectors with a two-layer honeycomb structure provides effective protection and maximum air permeability. For additional safety the jacket is equipped with a CE level 2 back protector with the same technology and structure as the elbows and shoulders (CE level 1). This single-layered jacket has a short zipper and a connecting loop which allows it to be fastened to SHIMA trousers. The waist width can be adjusted to fit the body easily and the EvoLINK system allows the jacket to be combined with optional heating or cooling layers if required. With the OpenAIR jacket even the hottest day can be a riding day.


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The proper fitting is user responsibility. The garment should fit snugly but not too tightly: no discomfort should be caused by the clothing when taking your normal riding position and you must be able to reach the controls easily.

To determine the exact size correctly, measure close to the body. The meter should not be tight. When measuring, it' s recommended to wear only lightweight, fitted clothing and stand in a loose but upright position. To make the measurement more accurate, ask for assistance another person. If the measured values are between different sizes - always choose a larger size.


Wash or clean your garment following the washing instructions on the stitched label.

Remove the inner protectors before washing your garment and make sure to insert them again in the dedicated pockets after washing! Never tamper with the garment in any of its parts. When not in use, the garment must be stored in a dry and ventilated place. After use leave it dry in a well ventilated place, at room temperature.

Care Instructions for OPENAIR JACKET:

• Before washing detach each layer and remove protectors

• Use mild detergent

• Do not use fabric softener

•  Hand wash 30°C

•  Do not bleach

• No dry cleaning

• Do not iron

• No wringing

• Drip dry verticaly in shade

Use same instructions as above for cleaning waterproof membrane.

To clean the protectors:

• Remove dirt with a damp cloth only; for heavier soiling use damp cloths or soft brushes with lukewarm water (max 40°C).

• Do not wash under running water

• Do not use hot water, solvents or other chemicals to clean the protector

• Use specific products for cleaning and maintaining leather

• Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight

• Do not leave it permanently exposed to high or low temperatures

• Do not use dryer or other heating devices

Outer shell:

 100% Polyester


 100% Polyester

Feel the lightweight

The OPENAIR is a REALLY light jacket. The weight is just over 1400 grams with all protectors! It thanks making with a lot of mesh fabric. Thanks to that it’s also perfectly breathable. This model has only one layer and is one of the lightest motorcycle jackets in the world what affects largely your comfort during riding. And when you’re off the motocycle and remove the protectors, this model can be used as an city jacket. Its casual design, incredible lightness and ease of using cause the OPENAIR is ideal jacket for summer, on and off the motocycle.

Special protection

The OPENAIR jacket, despite the lightness and high ventilation, guarantees you a high level of safety. It is equipped with a new type of breathable protectors – CE level 1 elbow and shoulder prtoectors and CE level 2 back protector. What's more, the protectors have a special shape of koneycomb. Their innovative design provides you effective protection and even greater airflow. With the OPENAIR jacket riding a motorcycle won’t be a barrier even on hot days. And if you want to increase your safety, you can equip yor jacket with an optional SAS-TEC chest protector (sold separately).

Full of ventilation

The OPENAIR model is a jacket created for short trips on a motorcycle in hot summer days. And all of uts features are oriented towards comfort. You don’t have to worry about high temperatures. The OPENAIR jacket is equipped in large mesh panels strategically placed – at the front, back and on the sleeves. The ventilation panels are on a larger area of the jacket. They provide you a big airflow. So you can concentrate on the road and your riding pleasure, even in the heat of summer.

Hunt the thimble

The OPENAIR has an innovative Evolink system that allows you to add extra layers to the jacket. If you're feeling hot, you can add a cooling vest. If you're the kind of person who likes warm, a heating or warming vest is ideal for you. The rain during a ride? Just take a waterproof jacket with you on your trip. You can hide it in AYRO backpack or in the special pocket inside the jacket and enjoy the ride!

Take your pick!

You can look great with your other half during motorcycle ride on hot days. OPENAIR is a jacket available in versions for men and women. The men's model is available in three colors and the women's model in two. If you want to fit the jacket perfectly to your body, you can use the width adjustment system. A short zipper and a connecting loop enable to connect the jacket with your favorite SHIMA trousers. With OPENAIR jacket you will create a comfortable and stylish sets.

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