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Raleri FogStop Universal anti-fog Insert - Photochromatic

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Raleri FogStop Universal anti-fog Insert - Photochromatic


Raleri has achieved the best optical quality thanks to the special materials they use. Now you don’t need pinlock ready visor to install this anti-fog insert. It is suitable for all helmets and all visor colours.

Raleris special gaskets also improve the antifog effect creating a sealed air chamber between insert and visor. Suitable for all visor colors.


Benefits of a Raleri Fogstop Insert:

  • Raleri inserts are economical as compared to Pinlock inserts & offers great value for money
  • Raleri offers a universal size so it could fit a wide variety of helmets.
  • Raleri uses a special adhesive system with seals the insert from all sides, thus inhibiting dust collection between the insert and the visor.
  • Italian designed Raleri's patented adhesive system enhances the life of the insert

Install Raleri FogStop Universal anti-fog Insert on the visor precisely by following the instruction given on the packaging and voila, you’re good to go. You can also check out this installation video:


Features of Raleri FogStop Universal anti-fog Insert:


Raleri Antifog insert helps to make your helmet visor anti-fog. This helmet insert can be used at both the times during day and night.

  • Anti-fog with clear view
  • Darkens according to the brightness of the environment
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% optically correct with no visual distortion
  • High quality special sealing gasket
  • Fits almost all helmets without pins


Raleri Fogstop Installation Procedure:

  1. Download the template, print it at 100% scale and cut according to the size.
  2. Tape the paper template on outside of visor using cello-tape. Align it properly so that its in the center (vertically as well as horizontally)
  3. Remove the visor from helmet and neatly clean the inside of the helmet
  4. Remove the white tape on one side of the Raleri insert.
  5. Using the paper template as a marker, gently stick the insert from one side of the visor. Do not press the insert to much
  6. Check if the insert is properly aligned. If not, then you can remove and start again.
  7. Once properly installed, run your finger all along the glue to ensure there are no air bubbles and the insert is sealed from all sides.
  8. Remove the protective plastic cover and install the visor on the helmet.

Download the template here - Raleri Fogstop Helmet Insert Template new.pdf


Installation Video

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