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Pack more, weigh less – with Rahgear’s Unrack Getaway.  Ride in any weather with the waterproof Unrack System. Made from durable, abrasion-resistant fabric, these bags are built to withstand the rigors of the road and keep your belongings safe and secure.  And the best part? The unrack doesn’t require a saddle stay, thanks to the innovative 3 piece harness system; these bags won’t weigh you down or impede your performance. The harness is adjustable and designed to fit almost all bikes. Whether you’re hitting the trails or just need some extra storage space for a long journey, the Unrack is up to the task. So don’t let limited storage hold you back – upgrade to the Unrack Getaway today.
The Unrack Getaway  uses the two-bag organisation and packing system, which includes two side pannier bags. This system is perfect for bikes that don’t have pannier racks, as it eliminates the added weight and expense of metal side pannier racks. The Unrack system is 100% waterproof and easily accessible, so you don’t have to unstrap everything to get to your belongings. The packs can be easily secured to an outer holster that stays attached to the bike, and have dual bag construction, with seam sealed inner liners and  roll-top closure for complete waterproofness.  The packs – 2 x Compack 15, are  interchangeable and have Elastic Band Cord on the front, allowing you to easily stash items that you might need quick access to throughout the day. Each pack has a capacity of 15L and they can also be individually  used as tailbags. They also have tuck away backpack straps, so when the Compack 15 is not being used on the motorcycle, it  can be used as an airline carry-on or a day pack for short hikes.  If you need more than 30L of space, you can easily add additional storage. The center piece of the base has MOLLE webbing loops, allowing you to add the Compack 25, Compack 6 or another Compack 15 as a top bag. The Unrack harness is a 3-piece system, consisting of 2 x side leg holsters and a sandwich model top base. The angle and width of the leg holsters are adjustable, making it a universal fit for most bikes. The harness weighs very less and  can be disassembled for a fly-to-ride trip, as it packs flat. In case of a crash, the various components can be repaired or replaced individually, saving cost and hassle.  All Unrack dry bags (Compack series) are made from 1050D  polyester, ensuring they can stand up to UV and cold weather. 


  • Rackless system with  Modular Design.
  • Combined base & bags only weighs – 2495gm
  • One time mounting of the harness with secure Double D rings
  • Fully adjustable width & angle of the harness, to fit almost all motorcycles
  • The harness can be cinched flat on the bike, when the packs are not in use
  • The leg holsters  contain drain holes, to avoid water accumulation
  • Back panel of the harness has soft scratch resistant material 
  • Both packs  come with removable 100% Waterproof and Dust proof inner liners.
  • Reinforced stitching on stress points of the entire base.
  • Both packs can separately be used as tail bags
  • Both packs can be easily converted to backpacks with tuckaway straps
  • Both packs contain zippered quick access pockets, and elastic band cord for ease of access
  • The entire system has strap retainers, so there are no dangling straps
  • Unrack Getaway uses 3M reflective for easy visibility under low light, to enhance safety
  • Genuine YKK zipper

Volume & Dimensions

  • Capacity – 30 L (15L + 15L)
  • Weight – 2495gm


  • 1050D x 1050D Polyester with PU/WP coating
  • Waterproof PU liner (seamsealed)
  • Genuine YKK sliders and zippers
  • 3M Scotchline reflective
  • Nylon threads stitching
  • Reinforced stitching on all joints

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