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Falco Mixto 3 Adv Boots (Black)

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Falco Mixto 3 Adv Boots


The MIXTO 3 ADV is the mix of technologies employed to combine comfort and protection.


Key Features

  • Full-grain oil-treated leather upper and “High-Tex” membrane.
  • Contoured P.U. molded shin plate.
  • Micro-adjustable buckles closure.
  • Leather heat-shield.
  • Heavy-duty textured Vibram sole.



  • High-Tex Membrane – Falco membrane resistant to water penetration. The only scientific test to determine, define and indicate whether a motorcycle boot is waterproof is the test required by the regulations EN 13634: 2010. The testing method consists of walk of 100 steps on a suitable platform with water level 5mm above the sole. At the successful completion of this test the boot is considered waterproof.
  • VIBRAM Outsole – World’s leading brand in rubber outsoles destined to fashion and sports industry. Vibram products provide quality, performance and safety matching innovative design and unique compounds specifically developed for the various disciplines of motorcycle use.
  • ACF Men/Women – Craft constructive system of the boot around the last reproducing men’s foot anatomy. This technology allows reaching a higher level of comfort. To extend utilization time and to match different riding conditions



  • This adventure boot is made out of oil-treated leather. This material contributes to the endurance of the boot while under extreme usage. Furthermore, the use of oil-treated leather improves the level of water resistance and adds to the vintage aesthetic.



  • Certification CE (LEVEL 2 2 2)
  • D3O ankle protection (special material created to absorb impact)


Best suited for

  • Short tours
  • Long Tours
  • Light Off-roading
  • Reviews

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