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Grand Pitstop

GrandPitstop Rear Paddock Stand - Black

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GrandPitstop Dismantable Rear Paddock Stand is a universal Paddock Stand that can easily fit on all bikes ranging from KTM to Hayabusa. The Adjustable width makes it compatible with even widest of the bikes. The only paddock stand that can be used on Bikes with spools and without spools. It comes with interchangeable attachments- Rubber Padded Swing arm Rest and Bobbin Fork Mounts which can be used according to the need of the user.

What makes it better than others??

  • Fully Dismantable
  • Plastic Pads avoids Damage
  • Rotatable Swing Arm Rest
  • High Quality Wheels
  • Dual Attachments
  • Adjustable Rubber Padding


    Fully Dismantable

    • This stand can be dismantled while not in use so it occupies less storage space. Very convenient for personal use. Stands are easy to assemble, very straightforward which makes this an efficient tool.


    Plastic Pads avoids Damage

    • The plastic pads are provided in the base of the Paddock Stand for smooth movement and placement. It avoids damage to the ground and to the Paddock Stand at the same time.


    Rotatable Swing Arm Rest

    • The Rubber Padding provided by the Paddock Stand are Rotatable 360 Degree for strong and comfortable support to the Motorcycle Swing Arm. This facilitates easy mounting on Swing Arm.


    High Quality Wheels

    • High-Quality Double Bearing Wheels - for Smooth Lift and Maximum Stability under Load. The wheels make sure the Load of the Motorcycle is sustainable and easily distributed across the paddock stand to make it stable.


    Dual Attachments

    • The Paddock Stand comes with two attachments - Rotatable Padded Swingarm Rests and Bobbin Fork Mount. Both can be used depending on the need


    Adjustable Rubber Padding

    • The Rubber Padding provided by the Paddock Stand are adjustable and provides adequate room for strong support to the Motorcycle Swing Arm. An adjustable lever is provided which can be manually used to give adequate adjustment to the Motorcycle 


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    • Best Suited For: Any Motorcycle upto 280 Kgs
    • Dimensions: 13 X 50 X 50 Cms
    • In the Box: Paddock Stand (3 Parts), Swing Arm Rest (2), Fork Mount for Spools (2)
    • Material - Steel
    • Weight - 7000 gms


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