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Tidy Rider

Tidy Rider Riding Gears Hanger

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Product Description

If you are one of those riders who thinks the best about your riding gears, we bet a “Closet” is the best place you could think of. Now TIDY RIDER is here, to set the stage for the evolution of Riding Gear Storage!

Ever thought “Now where do I keep this huge riding jacket?”
Ever lost a glove and never found another pair, right when you needed it the most?
Ever felt sad about your lovingly-bought helmet, gathering dust on top of some side-rack in a corner of your house? Or instead pushed inside a cupboard meant for clothes?
Ever got late for an emergency just because you cannot find your keys?

Think no more !

Meet Mr. Tidy Rider for your own personal Riding Gear Hanger (RGH).
It takes care of every piece of your gear.
Helmet, Riding Jackets, Riding pants, Gloves, Keys etc. – you name it, Tidy Rider has it.
Everything kept together safe at one place.
No more searching, no more damaging your gears.
A place for everything & everything in its place!

Features : 

  • Flate base plate for Helmet with stopper 
  • Can hang upto 4 jackets 
  • Can hang 2 set of Key rings 
  • Can hang Set of Gloves / Knee gaurd
  • Compact design 
  • Patented design
  • Fit for all size of helmet avaliable in market 

Box Includes:

  •  1 Flat plate, made of FRP
  •  1 Wall mount Hanger, made of MS
  •  2 Screw to drill Hanger into wall
  •  2 Nuts to mount flat plate
  •  1 nut to mount stopper
  •  1 Helmet Stopper
  •  1 Clip (Floresent or Orange or Pink)  


L x W x H  = 440mm x 325mm x 380mm

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